Works Wanted

We are actively purchasing American and European paintings and drawings from the 19th and 20th Century. We are particularly interested in the following:

Below are some specific artists we are looking for:

Agnes Abbot
Ruth Anderson
Edward Barnard
Gerrit Benneker
Frank Benson
Theresa Bernstein
Emil Bistram
Charles Burchfield
Rosamond Smith Bouve
William Bradford
John Leslie Breck
Alfred T. Bricher
Agnes Brown
John Appleton Brown
George De Forest Brush
Dennis Bunker
Harrison Cady
Emile Carlsen
Dines Carlsen
Anne Ramsdell Congdon
C.H. Davis
Joseph DeCamp
M.F. DeHaas
Arthur Dove
Arthur Wesley Dow
Thomas Eakins
L.D. Eldred
John Joseph Enneking
Walter Farndon
Gertrude Fiske
S.L. Gerry
Charles Henry Gifford
Sanford R. Gifford
Abbott Fuller Graves
CEL Green


Ellen Day Hale
Lilian Westcott Hale
Philip Hale
EWD Hamilton
Marsden Hartley
Mary B. Hazelton
Martin Johnson Heade
C.H. Heberer
Aldro Thompson Hibbard
Laura Coombs Hills
Charles Hoffbauer
George Inness
Rockwell Kent
Augustus Koopman
Fitz Henry Lane
Blanch Lazzell
Harry Leith-Ross
Wilton Lockwood
Ernest Longfellow
Luigi Lucioni
Edward M. Manigault
Willard Metcalf
Charles Herbert Moore
Frederick Mulhaupt
Nellie Littlehall Murphy
Hermann Dudley Murphy
Henry Roderick Newman
WE Norton
G.L. Noyes
Georgia O'Keeffe
Marie Danforth Page
Margaret Patterson
Elizabeth Paxton
William Paxton
Lilla Cabot Perry
Bertha Perrie
Carl Peters
Jane Peterson
William Lamb Picknell
C.A. Platt
Arthur Quartley
Elizabeth Roberts
Theodore Robinson
Gretchen Rogers
Robert Salmon
Birger Sandzen
John Singer Sargent
William Schumaker
Henriette Shore
Joseph Lindon Smith
Alice Ruggles Sohier
Joseph Solman
Lucy Stanton
Edmund Tarbell
Abbot Thayer
Leslie Prince Thompson
Gertrude Tonsberg
George Tooker
Virginia True
Ross Turner
John Twachtman
Harry A. Vincent
Jacob Wagner
David Walkley
Agnes Weinrich
Theodore Wendel
Irving Wiles
Mabel Woodward
Marguerite Zorach
William Zorach

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